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In the Hotel Palacio O'Farrill the indelible stamp of O'Farrills and recreated elements of the Irish culture cohabit. Several of its current places have been baptized with allegorical appellatives to the northern country.

This building is representative of the neoclassical architecture that, in vogue during the first third of the XIX century in Cuba, it is characterized for the treatment in classic ways more or less pure. Nevertheless, the functional outline of the property is derived of formulas of the previous century, when completing the requirements of an urban elegant mansion: ground floor for the porter, the drivers, the stables, the latrines and, in some cases, the stores and commercial spaces; the mezzanines, for offices and some confidential servitude, and the top floor, for bedrooms, halls, dining room, kitchen and general services.

In The Hotel Palacio O'Farrill, an example is the living room Longford, where you can appraise the genealogical tree of this family, their nobiliary titles and more outstanding members. This space is let for diverse purposes and it is one of the most distinctive places in the hotel.

Set with pictures of the descendants of O'Farrills, the petty lobby Hibernia (or Ierme) remembers the name for which the writers of the classic antiquity of Greece and Rome knew Ireland.

The snack bar Chico O'Farrill, called this way in honor to the most famous musician in the family and one of the founders of the Afro-Cuban or Latin jazz, is a place thought for the lovers of this musical gender who can listen emblem compositions, recorded or live.

It is ideal to enjoy an intimate atmosphere and taste slight offers and varied mixed drinks.

The 1903 gallery, where contemporary Cuban painters' samples are exposed, it takes such a name, since that year Juan Ramón O'Farrill founded music's municipal school.

Under the motto: “Añoranza de un recuerdo”, the store Aromas Intramuros, remembers –one more time- to the family O'Farrill with its souvenires collection, included four natural essences: Esencias de Loreto, for the woman O'Farrill; Bouquet O'Farrill, for the man O'Farrill; Brisas de la Bahía, and Aguas de La Catedral.

Shown in manufactured flasks to the colonial custom, all are identified with an explanatory collar and they are baled in bags of ecological paper.

Crossing the cozy inner courtyard, crowned now by the showy skylight, we enter to the restaurant Don Ricardo where recipes of the Irish cuisine are offered.

Also in the ground floor it is the old cistern of the house, place able to be visited for the good state of conservation it is, and whose bigger attractiveness is a stuccoed cross in the wall of the bottom, preserved in perfect state.

The Hotel Palacio O'Farrill possesses the distinctive stamp that each one of its levels and rooms recreate, for its architecture and design, a different century. The first level, XVIII century; the second level, XIX century; the third level: XX century.

Exposed in two showcases of the lobby of the Hotel Palacio O'Farrill, the archaeological discoveries can be appraised made in the property during its period of restoration. It is an interesting collection of objects of daily use belonging to the families that, centuries ago, inhabited the house.

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