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Rooms at Hotel Palacio O'Farrill

The Hotel Palacio O'Farrill has 38 rooms, all roomy, of which 35 of standard type and 3 junior suites. The same ones distributed in three plants, where each one of them takes in its decoration the style of one century.

The Hotel Palacio O'Farrill possesses the distinctive stamp that each one of their levels and rooms recreates, for its architecture and design, a different century.

In the old storey where the domestic servitude inhabited (mezzanine), there are eleven rooms that they remember the atmosphere of the XVIII century: the floors that look like the mud, the wooden caps, the weak illumination, the furniture, the tapestry, the linen goods, the reproduction of old engravings in the walls...

In the second storey it becomes notorious the Cuban neoclassicist's stateliness in the big prop, the caps, the width of the corridors with the original floor, the monumental doors... Their ten bedrooms are decorated with pictures corresponding to the XIX century.

The third storey has a nearer structure to the modernity of the XX century. Although of more low prop and not so roomy, the rooms of this floor have same comfort and they are picturesque, with their balconies that invite to know the oldest part in the Cuban city. The French windows and beauty marquetry finish off this last floor.

Junior Suite Room

The 3 suites at the Palacio O'Farrill are almost unbelievably grand in terms of space – they're so large and have such exaggeratedly high ceilings that all their furniture looks as if it were dolls'-house sized.

Hotel Palacio O'Farrill Junior Suite

The rooms have beautiful inlaid marble floors and are decorated with Cuban antiques; room 201 contains an irresistible piece of nineteenth century mahogany furniture: a baby's cradle, made up with crisp white linen sheets and a tiny linen-covered pillow. Floor-to-ceiling French doors open onto balconies overlooking the street and the bathrooms are tiled in beautiful deep green and grey Cuban marble. Highly recommended for those wishing to indulge their delusions of late eighteenth century Colonial grandeur.

Standard Room

The 35 standard rooms at the Palacio O'Farrill have peach walls and green-stained modern furniture. They're comfortable, clean and bright but not grand. Windows tend to be small but still provide lots of light.

Hotel Palacio O'Farrill Standard Room

They have particularly attractive tiled floors, squishy sofas and chairs with green (naturally) upholstery and the bathrooms, although small, are shinily clean and functional. There are only 2 standard rooms with matrimonial beds. The other 33 are twin bedded.

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